Providing quality services to existing and potential customers occupies a very important place in the activity of our website. To improve the assistance in terms of technical part and information about the products we own in the portfolio, we use the latest available technology, which includes cookies and similar technologies.

Why do we have a cookie policy?

Applying a cookie policy is part of our initiative to comply with the current legislation but, at the same time, it helps us to tell you clearly what happens when you access the site

What are cookies?

Cookies help sites to function efficiently. Cookies are small text files stored by sites or sometimes e-mails in your computer. They provide useful information to companies that can be useful in many ways.

Cookies are useful for helping a site recognize the computer the user is using.

Persistent Cookies-These cookies remain in the computer for the period of time mentioned in the cookie. They are activated every time the user accesses the site that created the cookies.

Cookies for a session-these cookies allow site administrators to associate user-made actions during a browsing session. This type of cookies are created temporarily. When the browser is closed, they are deleted from the computer memory.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to understand which parts of our site are more interesting to visitors in order to improve it.

How to control cookies?

You may accept or refuse cookies. Accepting cookies is usually the best way to ensure you get the best from the site.

Most computers automatically accept them, but you can change the browser settings to restrict, block or delete cookies. Each Browser is different, so please look in the ' Help ' menu of your browser (or in your mobile phone manual) to learn how cookie preferences can be changed. Most browsers have some standard security settings groups for which you can opt in.

Data Security

We do not disclose the information collected to any other site.

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